Holding a master’s degree in architecture, and a core construction management certificate, I have worked on many real estate and retail projects (residences, banks, offices, boutiques, and shops... ) as a consultant, client representative, contractor, and construction manager. 
As a “Certified ATD Master Trainer”, a talent developer in the engineering field, and an accredited CPD member, we, at me3margi training, have committed to making the field a better place to practice the engineering major, through result-based training services. (face-to-face and online training) 
With more than 12 years of experience in the construction site whether as a contractor or as a project/construction manager, sharing our knowledge and expertise with professionals is our passion. We tailor the training to participants and businesses' special needs to set up the business for success.

Thus, we develop a strategic plan for behavior change to take place on the job. Being a lecturer in the Order Of Engineers and Architect, Beirut Branch, and having trained hundreds of Engineers, Architects, and Businesses in the construction field area, I have never stopped working to identify the area where relevant training is required for them, to build their competencies, and fulfill future job requirements. As a part of our mission in talent development, we raise awareness of postgraduate continuous learning for architects, interior designers, and engineers.
With the fast pace of innovation and job roles continuously changing, today’s workforce must constantly strive to keep skills updated to stay relevant. Here comes our thorough needs assessment to fulfill these new roles, and help professionals in honing their skills, filling the gaps, and upgrading their technical competencies on the field (construction site).
Therefore, we will take their career to the next level. Throughout the years, I have honed every skill while practicing architecture as engineering and art. My work celebrates contemporary architecture in a modern lifestyle With more than 12 years of experiencing the field and getting exposed to people’s everyday needs, I established Me3margi as a resource everyone (professional and non-professional) could resort to. Me3margi is a key concept, a platform to understanding architecture applied to daily life needs for professionals and non-professionals. 
Our aim is to raise awareness on the quality and environment of spaces we live in and help people tackle their everyday needs properly so as to enhance their living space and indeed their lifestyle.


Accreditation: Me3margi has been reviewed and approved as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD®) accredited member, London- United Kingdom.