ARCHITECTURAL MATERIALS INSIGHT is a 15-hour practical training program that covers all that you need to know about aluminum and glass facade, paint on wood, and floor finishes. 

  • This hands-on training program offers a deep understanding of real-world engineering practices, it is a substitute for an internship you need. It is an empowerment tool to start with your professional life.
  • The course also highlights different case studies helping all the participants to apply the best practices in their career path.


Payment methods:

     375.00 USD Paid Upfront 

Or 215.00 USD over 2 settlements 


At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish all construction techniques and leverage available resources to set your project up for success
  • Extend your knowledge about the façade engineering, and materials used.
  • Comprehend materials such as aluminum, glass, paint on aluminum, wood flooring, paint on wood, carpet sheets, and doors.
  • Comprehend every method-statement applied to aluminum installation, glass, and wood trades.
  • Perform quality control, opening up, and take preventive, and corrective measures for discrepancies.

You will get upon completion of the training:

  • A certificate of completion (a Soft copy)- CPD certified
  • Soft copy material
  • A free retake session after 3 months
  • Private access to Me3margi Excellence's private Facebook, and WhatsApp group
  • A one-month free membership subscription in the Me3margi e-group

Used software: Zoom

This course includes

More than 15 hours of learning time.More than 15 hours of learning time.
Tens of cases studies applied to your daily jobTens of cases studies applied to your daily job
Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.
Handout increasing your productivity.Handout increasing your productivity.
CPD Certificate from the UKCPD Certificate from the UK