With 2022 construction cost changes:
Material prices hikes
Supply chain bottlenecks
Skilled labor shortages
Budgets have gone through the roof.
The construction industry has never seen anything like the past 2 years (before the pandemic).

COST AND CONSTRUCTION is an intensive 10-hour training program that will cover all you need to know about your construction cost, update you with all 2022 changes in prices, and equip you with the latest tools and practices for a better estimate.

  • This hands-on training program offers a deep understanding of real-world engineering practices in terms of cost management and control, it is a substitute for an internship you need. It is an empowerment tool to start with your professional life.
  • The course also highlights different case studies helping all the participants to apply the best practices in their career paths.


At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Acquire the practical side that no college or university does teach you.
  • Prepare accurate, and realistic estimates
  • Control better your cost and keep away from overruns
  • Identify and apply the latest construction cost tools and techniques for lean management and a cost-effective approach
  • Assess, and perform cost control during the whole project lifecycle.
  • Acquire and apply many terms and templated related to cost management.
  • Hone your cost management skills as an engineer/Architect to start a successful professional life.
  • Case studies
  • Use tools and techniques that will empower you through practical approaches that are results-oriented.

You will get upon completion of the training:

  • A certificate of completion (a Soft copy)- From Me3margi
  • A handout (Soft copy, including all materials and job aids)
  • A free retake virtual round after 3 months
  • Private access to Me3margi Excellence private Facebook, and WhatsApp group
  • A one-month free membership to Me3margi web E-group


P.S.: Dates in the schedule are subject to change.

Accreditation: Me3margi has been reviewed and approved as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD®) accredited member, in London- United Kingdom.

Some feedback on the learning transfer and changes on the job after completing the Cost and Construction module:

Ranime Zotti - Interior Architect

This course includes

More than 08 hours of learning timeMore than 08 hours of learning time
Tens of cases studies applied to your daily jobTens of cases studies applied to your daily job
Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.
Handout increasing your productivity.Handout increasing your productivity.

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Mohsen Sarkis - Civil Engineer

Mohsen Sarkis - Civil Engineer

The content quality was excellent with great presentation style. In addition, lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for really enjoyable and informative course with a nice balance of theory and practice.

Mariam Nammour - Surveying Engineer

Mariam Nammour - Surveying Engineer

The training is so professional. Patrick knows how to keep you involved and attracted to the content. Experience sharing and skills transferring. Me3margi is the best choice for people who look to develop and build new skills and experience. I do highly recommend Me3margi, not only for experienced engineers, but also for fresh graduate to make what universities have failed to do.