FINISHES INSIGHT EXPRESS TRACK 02 is a 6-hour practical training program that will complete track 01 of FINISHES INSIGHT Express.
The training will be tackling:

  • Pricing a scope of work
  • Construction techniques and method statements (Architectural trades).
  • Tiling works
  • Floor treatment
  • Paint pathologies
  • Assessment and quality control of executed works.
  • Tools and techniques on how to communicate information on site with the whole crew.
  • Site’s jargon
  • Case studies
  • Handing over

You will get upon completion of the training:

  • A certificate of completion (a Soft copy)- From Me3margi
  • A CPD certificate (a Soft copy) - From The CPD Certification Service. The Coach House, Ealing Green, London W5 5ER 
  • A handout (Soft copy, including all material and job aids)
  • A free retake virtual round after 3 months
  • A private access to Me3margi Excellence private Facebook, and WhatsApp group
  • A one-month free membership to Me3margi web E-group


Used software: Zoom

P.S: Dates in the schedule are subject to change.

The CPD Certification Service, The Coach House, Ealing Green, London W5 5ER. Tel: 020 8840 4383E-mail: Web:

















Accreditation: Me3margi has been reviewed and approved as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD®) accredited member, London- United Kingdom.
















What our clients have to say about our CPD accredited programs.

Benefits for Individuals:
CPD certification helps you:
1️⃣Become a more competent and effective engineer.
2️⃣Increase your confidence and overall capabilities, and stay proficient in the workplace.
3️⃣Compliment career aspirations.
4️⃣Differentiate yourself in a job interview, or in tender for new work and business acquisition.

Benefits for Organizations:
1️⃣Benefit through recognition and increased brand perception.
2️⃣Promote a healthy learning culture and a more fulfilled workforce.
3️⃣Retain valuable staff.

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This course includes

More than 8 hours of learning time.More than 8 hours of learning time.
Tens of cases studies applied to your daily job.Tens of cases studies applied to your daily job.
Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.
 Handout increasing your productivity. Handout increasing your productivity.
CPD Certificate from the UKCPD Certificate from the UK


Maria Bassil - Architect

Maria Bassil - Architect

" Thank you for the training! It was a pleasure, very fruitful and informative. "

Inaam Al Rajab - Architect

Inaam Al Rajab - Architect

" A fruitful training indeed. One of a kind! Looking forward for the upcoming ones. "

Joseph Ayoub - Architect

Joseph Ayoub - Architect

" Thank you! It was great! very informative. "

Yasmina Naffa - Architect

Yasmina Naffa - Architect

" Excellent training with real life examples, which is much needed in the industry, both architecture and interior design. All questions were answered in a professional way. Looking forward to the next training!"