As a professional on-site, you will definitely be using some tools to manage things efficiently & effectively.
@me3margi will introduce you today to P6 Primavera, with our #myprimaveraonsite program!

A hands-on, practical, and career-oriented approach with real-world case studies!

One of the project management tools, designed for you to use it in your planning, managing & execution.

Some of the tasks you will be able to execute:

  • Schedule your commitments
  • Manage risks
  • Projects follow up
  • Allocate your resources
  • Analyze and report
  • Extract your financial reports and cash flows

You will get upon completion of the training:

  • A certificate of completion (a soft copy).
  • Soft copy material
  • A free retake session after 3 months
  • A private access to Me3margi Excellence private Facebook, and WhatsApp group


Used software: Zoom

P.S: Dates in the schedule are subject to change.

A glimpse of what you will be trained on through this program.

This course includes

More than 18 hours of learning time. More than 18 hours of learning time.
Tens of cases studies applied to your daily job.Tens of cases studies applied to your daily job.
Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.
Handout increasing your productivity.Handout increasing your productivity.

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Zena Chabarek - Architect

Zena Chabarek - Architect

"It was an excellent program that fulfilled everything related to primavera on-site. I like the way of presenting information in a straightforward sequential order. I liked the workshop, it was inclusive and exciting. Many thanks to the instructor, he was so professional and has great experience in project management. I appreciate all your effort, thank you very much🙏"

Layal Hawa - Civil Engineer

Layal Hawa - Civil Engineer

"Well prepared and excellent training! We learned so many things in Primavera, all information was well organized and in the best sequencing. All notes given besides the application on Primavera were very helpful and help us to more understand the calculation and the results done by the software!🙌

Layal Hawa - Civil Engineer

Layal Hawa - Civil Engineer

"Much appreciation🙏 to manager Abdallah Fneish and his hard work👌 with us in addition to the prepared workshop that allowed us to recap all learned features. thank you for your efforts"