Innovative Materials

Apr 16, 2020

" Architecture is first and foremost a product of the mind. Initially, there exists an idea, and when images mature, this process gives rise to questions. "
" What is doable? does form follow function? What colors and materials speak the right language? and to what extent should creativity in and of itself be a standard? "

Now with the innovative construction materials, even the realization of the futuristic concepts is made possible, expanding the freedom to your design.
Get the maximum advantage from the social distancing by working on yourself and your career development.
In that event, we have partnered up with @surfaceslb to introduce you to a new online training webinar: "Innovative materials, construction 2020"-
FREE online training that will tackle innovative materials relative to :

  • Building Skin (Facade)
  • Ceiling
  • Indoor and outdoor flooring
  • Interior Wall cladding and more contemporary construction materials.

Please book your seat by signing up in the link in bio or on 70-850336
Thanks for maintaining social distancing in these tough moments.