Upskilling VS Reskilling 101 for engineers

Nov 02, 2022

The construction industry is progressing toward advanced technology, while the academic curriculum has not changed with the pace of technological advancement to meet today's demand. Thus, the education system is failing to train people in the technological and programming skills required to work in the current climate and thrive in the real world. 

Within the construction and contracting industry, most companies report that recruiting quality employees is a challenge. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 83% of contractors find it hard to find skilled employees, and 87% are concerned about those employees actually having adequate skill levels–an issue they don’t feel will get better in the short term. Add to that all, the shift to a remote world has engendered many challenges for booth employees and organizations. 

This skills shortage needs to be addressed urgently. To keep up with the advancement of technology, and the demand, every engineer and architect is invited to meet it head-on with training, and educational tools.

We have been facing the new normal that requires many skill sets. And those skills are driven by many factors:

  1. The urgency to be more cost and time efficient
  2. The current trade talents shortage worldwide
  3. The need to increase the number of people on job sites with more social distancing concerns.
  4. The great resignation phenomenon in 2021 (about 4.5 million resignations in the united stated end November 2021- The US Chamber of Commerce)

The question that should be raised is: Do we have enough of technology-proficient workforce to meet the increased demand? 

Is that workforce well equipped with the skills needed to cope with the new normal?

To answer those questions, you are invited to join us in our new webinar “Upskilling VS Reskilling 101 for engineers,” this Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at 8:30pm Beirut time.

What will you learn? How to be a front-line talent. How to become an attractive talent for being easily recruited by construction companies.

And more than 10+ new tools & skills to be that talent recruiters desire!

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