Management in Construction is an 8-hour training program

You will be able to manage the execution phase of your project from tender to handing over.


Payment methods:

     299.00 USD Paid Upfront 

Or 175.00 USD over 2 settlements 


The training will be tackling:

  • Define key points for good pricing of a scope of work
  • Identify all paper works related to bid submission
  • Understand the management process of the execution phase
  • Understand different stakeholders involved in your project and how to deal with them.
  • Negotiate efficiently with suppliers
  • Apply the procurement process
  • Comprehend Logistics management
  • Evaluate Site safety
  • Generate snag lists
  • Hand over your project with project closing procedure.


The training program objectives:

  • Acquire the practical side that no college or university does teach you.
  • Hone your skills as an engineer/Architect to start a successful professional life.
  • Introduce you to tools and techniques that will empower you through practical approaches that are results-oriented.


You will get upon completion of the training:

  • A certificate of completion (a Soft copy)- From Me3margi
  • A CPD certificate (a Soft copy) - From The CPD Certification Service. The Coach House, Ealing Green, London W5 5ER 
  • A handout (Soft copy, including all material and job aids)
  • A free retake virtual round after 3 months
  • A private access to Me3margi Excellence private Facebook, and WhatsApp group
  • A one-month free membership to Me3margi web E-group

Used software: Zoom

P.S: Dates in the schedule are subject to change.

The CPD Certification Service, The Coach House, Ealing Green, London W5 5ER. Tel: 020 8840 4383E-mail: Web:




















Accreditation: Me3margi has been reviewed and approved as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD®) accredited member, London- United Kingdom.
















What our clients have to say about our CPD-accredited programs.

Benefits for Individuals:
CPD certification helps you:
1️⃣Become a more competent and effective engineer.
2️⃣Increase your confidence and overall capabilities and stay proficient in the workplace.
3️⃣Compliment career aspirations.
4️⃣Differentiate yourself in a job interview, or in the tender for new work and business acquisition.

Benefits for Organizations:
1️⃣Benefit through recognition and increased brand perception.
2️⃣Promote a healthy learning culture and a more fulfilled workforce.
3️⃣Retain valuable staff.

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This course includes

More than 8 hours of learning time.More than 8 hours of learning time.
Tens of cases studies applied to your daily job.Tens of cases studies applied to your daily job.
 Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion. Cheat sheets accelerating your task completion.
Handout increasing your productivity.Handout increasing your productivity.
CPD Certificate from the UKCPD Certificate from the UK

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Khodor Slim - Civil Engineer

Khodor Slim - Civil Engineer

"Very helpful sessions to know how to manage your work, how to negotiate with suppliers and many tricks that you should know in the world of engineering... thank you Me3margi👨‍🚒😍"

Layal Hawa - Civil Engineer

Layal Hawa - Civil Engineer

"Well prepared and excellent training!"

Zena Chabarek - Architect

Zena Chabarek - Architect

"It was a wondeful program.I highly recommend it to all architectural/ civil students and even graduates who don't have much on-site experience👍"

Joe Kassouf - Interior Architect

Joe Kassouf - Interior Architect

"A fruitful experience and a light of hope for every freshly graduate👨‍🎓 who couldn't manage a training " stage" in this time of crisis; these sessions were rich, exciting, and very insightful. Many thanks Me3margi🔥